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Kahua for Owners


Kahua for Owners

As an owner of capital assets, it is important to minimize total cost of development, while constructing relevant, high quality, and on-time capital projects. However, individually managing your capital projects without visibility to the impact on the program, leads to program inefficiencies and data redundancy across projects.


Kahua for Owners allows your organization to skillfully manage your capital projects and programs, set program budgets, and allocate funds across projects. Regardless of complexity or financial scope, you can efficiently track all information for your capital programs. Kahua’s flexible system makes it simple to build out a program hierarchy and manage budgets, contracts, and documents to the level of detail you need.



Gain high level financial visibility across your capital assets, enabling you to respond to changes with flexibility. Easily reallocate project funds and manage program-level contingencies, while allowing your project teams to budget granularly at the project level.


Contract Management

Write contracts across multiple projects to manage large scale vendor relationships with a single contract. Implement invoicing and change orders across projects, and effectively track and measure the progress of each vendor.


Document Management

Interact with all your construction documents, easily complete daily tasks in a single interface, and seamlessly view and update documents—including Submittals and RFI’s—without the need to navigate across projects.



Easily view live dashboards and reports at any level of your capital programs, utilizing automatic roll-up functionality alongside drill-down management capabilities, to maintain transparency and control at the level of detail you need.



Capital Planning

Create optimized capital plans right from your project management tool

• Create and store multiple versions of capital plans and budgets

• Choose from a wide variety of standard forecast curves, or create custom curves

• Utilize time-phased release schedules to specify exact start dates of planned projects

• Manage multi-year capital plans, financial data, and project requirements


Capital Program Management

Easily build out a program hierarchy to manage at the level of detail needed

• Quickly generate multiple projects

• Organize your hierarchy by region, customer, project phase, or any other criteria

• Set program budgets and allocate funds across projects

• Utilize multi-project contracts, invoices, and change orders

• Interact with program level tasks and documents, including Submittals and RFIs

• View rolled up dashboards and reports at the program level

• Drill down to specific project details


Cost Management

The most powerful job costing tool for the construction industry

• Create and manage budgets, contracts, change orders, pay apps

• Create and share purchase orders with your vendors

• Receive quotes and invoices from your vendors and subcontractors

• Create and manage invoices, shipments, request for quotes and catalogs

• Collaborate with your vendors to streamline the entire purchasing process from quoting through delivery


Cash Flow Forecasting

• Create accurate, customized cash flow forecasts to understand future cash requirements

• Utilize predefined or custom consumption curves

• Determine project feasibility and efficiently plan and manage budgets

• Manage both inbound and outbound cash

• Forecast for any date range to compare financial progress to project milestones


File Management

Upload files to a unique folder structure per project, share and access folders or files with other companies

• Create folders and store files

• Markup files, drawings and models

• Maintain file versioning and audit history

• Access files on mobile devices

• Send files for eSignature via DocuSign outside firms


Document Management

Manage, track, and share all project documentation and file types

• Submittals, RFI’s, Communications

• Punch Lists and Field Observations  

• Import/Export of Data

• Time, Date, and Data Field History

• Daily Reports and Issues

• Material Tracking

• Messaging


Kahua Reporting and Analytics

The Kahua platform includes standard reporting capabilities as part of our overall solution.  The standard reporting options allow our clients to build and modify standard reports across all the modules in Kahua including costs, forecasts, cashflow, documents, logs, etc.  The standard reporting tools that can be run on projects, programs and portfolios are:

• Out of the box reports – every Kahua application has at least one standard report for users to access

• Ad hoc reporting - ability to configure report by end user for ad-hoc reporting requirements.  Click on print button to generate the log view or list view, adjust columns, filter, sort and print report

• Report wizard – simple to use, multi tab tool to create user reports with ability to edit page layout, columns, grouping, filtering, sorting, views, saved and reused, shared with others or private

• Report writer - includes a more advanced integrated custom report writing tool that has access to all system tables with and without the need to create views like Crystal Reports.


In addition to the standard reporting options, Kahua has an Analytics solution powered by Microsoft Power BI Studio.


Design Management

The management of construction design documents is much more demanding than what typical file management solutions alone can provide.  On any given project, design documents originate from many different sources, come in many different formats, and go through multiple iterations at an often-overwhelming pace. 

• Drawing Log is designed to be easy to use and optimized for collaboration

• Design Review is flexible and allows a simple QA Check or a sophisticated formal Design Review process before releasing them

• Design Release and Distribution can be automated or manual, permitting older designs to be superseded as new files are submitted

• Built in tools like mobile access, 2D and 3D* annotations, drawing comparisons, pin to plans and models*, drawing callout link navigation and more provide users with unparalleled functionality to manage the project’s design

*3D Model viewing and annotations requires additional license