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Kahua for Subcontractors

Subcontractor Document Management


Kahua’s Subcontractor Document Management suite simplifies document management and streamlines communication. Configurable mobile applications promote real-time documentation and notifications, reducing risk and improving deliverables.

File Manager  enables field personnel to store and share project files in real-time. Automatic version control keeps all team members on the same page.

Packaged Submittals  tracks the entire submittal process from suppliers to your general contractor. Leverage your project team’s knowledge to minimize delays and defects.

Daily Reports  lets field personnel log information on labor, equipment, materials, and more. Access data in real-time to know exactly what happened and when.

RFI's  accelerates the submission and resolution of project-related questions, reducing your downtime as you wait for information.

Field Observations  allows field personnel to capture observations from mobile devices. Manage and archive all field observations to minimize project risk.

Change Order Requests  creates an efficient and effective way to manage all your project changes from a single location, leveraging one collaborative log for tracking and approving all change requests.

Work Orders  streamlines inbound field correspondence, allowing for easy exchange with the GC field personal and movement to a change order request.

Communications  streamlines inbound and outbound correspondences, making it easy to exchange accurate information in a consistent format.


Kahua Reporting and Analytics

The Kahua platform includes standard reporting capabilities as part of our overall solution.  The standard reporting options allow our clients to build and modify standard reports across all the modules in Kahua including costs, forecasts, cashflow, documents, logs, etc.  The standard reporting tools that can be run on projects, programs and portfolios are:

• Out of the box reports – every Kahua application has at least one standard report for users to access

• Ad hoc reporting - ability to configure report by end user for ad-hoc reporting requirements.  Click on print button to generate the log view or list view, adjust columns, filter, sort and print report

• Report wizard – simple to use, multi tab tool to create user reports with ability to edit page layout, columns, grouping, filtering, sorting, views, saved and reused, shared with others or private

• Report writer - includes a more advanced integrated custom report writing tool that has access to all system tables with and without the need to create views like Crystal Reports.


In addition to the standard reporting options, Kahua has an Analytics solution powered by Microsoft Power BI Studio.


Design Management

The management of construction design documents is much more demanding than what typical file management solutions alone can provide.  On any given project, design documents originate from many different sources, come in many different formats, and go through multiple iterations at an often-overwhelming pace. 

• Drawing Log is designed to be easy to use and optimized for collaboration

• Design Review is flexible and allows a simple QA Check or a sophisticated formal Design Review process before releasing them

• Design Release and Distribution can be automated or manual, permitting older designs to be superseded as new files are submitted

• Built in tools like mobile access, 2D and 3D* annotations, drawing comparisons, pin to plans and models*, drawing callout link navigation and more provide users with unparalleled functionality to manage the project’s design

*3D Model viewing and annotations requires additional license